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We are off to Bloom!

We are delighted to announce we are returning to Bloom this year with Savills to create a large show garden. The garden will feature lush planting, stunning water features, a polished concrete 'Living Table' and a 26foot long rusted steel fireplace. Make sure to come and see us and say hello.

“Face to Face”

The Savills Garden

The garden

Face to face is a garden concept that aims to reconnect us with our environment and each other, all within the confines and comfort of our own homes. With the ever changing landscape of the social media age, interactions between people and our environment has all too often become a series of text and images which we ‘Like’, share, post and re-tweet. Where we believe we are more connected than ever, in reality the opposite is true. In place of real interactions and engagements on a human level, we have succumbed to the ease of virtual connections and interactions which are often just a shadow of the real thing.

Our garden has been designed to both highlight the problem and offer a solution to this disconnect and redress the balance in all our lives.

This lush contemporary space has at its center a sunken seating area by a large open fire. The fire represents the distraction that all this technology can be as we are mesmerized by its flames, however as the seating within the space faces each other, and not the fire, the priority of meaningful engagement is set. The living table within the seating area is another example of how often we view the natural world through a glass screen. An image of a tree cut into steel becomes the main focus of the access path into the garden, however right beside this image is the real thing showing how we have changed our focus over time.

The large water feature at the front of the garden will offer up a reflection of the sky which will be photographed and shared many times but who will look up and notice the real thing? Parts of the garden can only be admired from a distance as low walls act as a barrier to allowing full interaction with the plants. To counter balance this, the sandstone stepping stones at the end of the garden force you to get up close and personal with the plants and trees as nature intended.

Thanks to our all our sponsors and friends who will be helping to make our garden a blooming success.

the Outdoor Scene

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