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Here we go again!

"Hit Pause, The Caragh Nurseries Garden."

After two years of delays, I am delighted to be returning to the Phoenix Park to showcase a spectacular large show garden for Caragh Nurseries.

So what is is all about?

Well, there is no doubt the events of the past two years have changed all of our lives forever. Enforced lockdowns, restricted movement and isolation have been difficult in so many ways. However, this new normal has also given us a new perspective on life. An increased appreciation for our gardens and outdoor spaces has been awakened in us like never before. It has been an opportunity to hit the pause button on our busy lives, slow down and contemplate all that we have and how fortunate we are to have it. Gardens have been much lauded for their health benefits both physical and mental but now the message has sunk in on a scale never seen before. Our garden aims to slow you down, hit the pause button and take a moment to appreciate all that we have.

We aim to demonstrate some of the key principles of good design which can be employed to enhance any space. Elements such as simplicity of pallet, repetition, use of colour, form and texture. The copper sculptures throughout the garden which represent the firing synapses of a busy mind, are calmed by the beautiful planting that surrounds them. Stone walls of different sizes cut through the space and ask you to consider a garden as not just a collection of plants but as a symbiosis between the natural would and our man-made environments.

The garden features a large formal reflection pond which is traversed via two staggered boardwalks which guide you through the garden. This will lead you to a polished concrete patio, carefully detailed with copper to provide the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by.

All the planting for the garden is supplied by Caragh Nurseries including some very impressive huge trees. (Zelkova Serrata). The garden will also feature some beautiful furniture from the Finn and Elder collection (Irelands most exciting exterior furniture company).

So be sure to drop by and say hello at Bloom.

Blooms opens on Thursday 2nd June – Monday 6th June. Visit

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