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This Large family garden near the coast already had some established trees and a tennis court on site. However, it was all looking somewhat dated and our clients wanted to bring the exterior of the property up to the quality and finish of the main residence. Our design treatment was applied to the entire property, front and back and while the site was largely cleared, the best of the trees were pruned and maintained.

 The garden features a large porcelain patio with cut Irish sandstone detail, gravel paths, sunken seated area with fire pit, bespoke furniture and a putting green. A large buttressed reclaimed redbrick wall obscured the view to the tennis court and formed a striking foil for the planting in front. Rusted steel finishes where used front and back in various forms from the fire pit to the reflection pool to the long double pergola walkway that led you down the garden.

The planting scheme was a combination of structural hedges and tightly clipped box balls contrasted with lush soft and colourful perennial planting to balance the hard elements within the project.  The entire project was expertly crafted by our contractors Silverstream Landscapes.

View our Concept animation here.

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