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Hit Pause

“Hit Pause”,  was our garden entry for the Bloom Flower show for Caragh Nurseries. The design was inspired by the new found appreciation for our gardens and outdoor spaces which many of us have discovered during the the past two difficult years. As we were forced to hit pause on our lives, it awakened in many of us a creativity and a lust for all things outdoor like never before. Our garden aimed to encourage that new found enthusiasm by demonstrating some of the key principles of good design which can be employed to enhance any space. Principles such as simplicity of palette, repetition, use of colour, form, and texture. The design asks you to consider a garden as not just a collection of plants, but as a symbiosis between the natural world and our man-made environments.

The garden featured a large formal reflection pond which is traversed via two staggered boardwalks which guide you through the garden. This led you to a polished concrete patio, carefully detailed with copper to provide the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by.

View our Concept animation here.

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