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The Sustainable seafood Garden Bloom 2018

“The Sustainable seafood garden”, told the story of the journey from tide to table of the fish and seafood that surround and inhabit this island and the multitude of people and industries that support it.  This journey starts in the water and ends on a plate and it is the fabulous bounty it produces that the garden hopes to celebrate. The garden was designed to illustrate how the fishing industry has been modernised and developed by Bord Iascaigh Mhara in an ecological and sustainable way into the industry it is today.  The garden encouraged an appreciation of the incredible resources, industries and produce that this island has to offer and reminds us that it is in all of our interest to protect it.

The garden won Gold (Andrew's third in a row), and took the coveted 'Best in show' award too with our partners Silverstream landscapes reviving the best contractor award for constructing the garden.

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